We love to share on Aromatherapy! We offer various Aromatherapy workshops catered to your needs; both corporate and private workshops.

For Corporate Workshops

If you are interested for your employees to learn how to relax with Aromatherapy and/or how to make simple blends, here are some topics for you to choose from.

All our workshops cover

  • Basics of Aromatherapy

  • Safety of Aromatherapy

  • Blending of Product(s)

  • Duration of 75 mins/ 2 hours / half day / full day

Stress to Rest
Aromatherapy is well known when it comes to relaxation. This workshop includes blending of Aromatherapy product(s) that are soothing, relaxing and calming to your senses. Suitable for people who are stressed, looking for ways to help them relax and unwind.
Health is Wealth
Aromatherapy helps a great deal in supporting our health, both physical and emotional health. In this workshop, we will be looking to blend Aromatherapy product(s) to help you focus, energize and keep the bugs at bay.
Happy Baby, Happy Mommy
In this workshop, we will be looking at how Aromatherapy is extremely supportive of the well being of babies, young children and moms.

If you have a specific topic in mind that is not listed in the above, feel free to drop us an email at to discuss further.

For Private Workshops

If you have a group of 5, we are more than happy to conduct a workshop for you and your group. The topics can be similar to the above or of your own interest. Please drop us an email to discuss at

If you are interested in an Aromatherapy workshop individually, sure, let us know and we will keep you in the loop when the next workshop is running. Please click here so we can let you know once the dates are out!