“I like the Sleep Diffuser Blend and the Clear Head Body Oil. I used them nightly and have found that it is very calming and I have better sleep now!”
“I have 2 customized blends for my arthritis from havaroma and I found them to be useful in helping me manage my pain. Feels more mobile.”
-Mdm Lee
“Everytime I use Clear Head Set, I find it refreshing and it's making me happy!” -Jung Kiat
“I've been using a custom blend for my eczema and it's been delivering results!! My skin is no longer dry and bleeding. I love the smell and the protective coating the oil gives to my skin. The blend did what other hand cream or prescription medicine failed to deliver. These days, I do not remember that I ever had eczema... though I still apply the blend religiously (it helps when they smell so good) :). I also use this with a natural soap that was made by her.”
- Mr Tan
“I've been plagued with menstrual cramps for as long as I can remember and have been dependent on very strong medication every month. My first application of the lotion blend significantly reduced the pain and I didn't even have to rely on my medication! Of course, it helps that the lotion is made up of all my favourite scents and absolutely safe to use.”
- Caline