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Custom Blends

In our Customized Blending, our Certified Aromatherapist will be visiting your place and have an in person consult with you for an hour. This is a long standing relationship between you and our Aromatherapist and it typically involves customized blending of 3 products based on your concern and preferences. 

This is complete with follow ups after each session.

Some subjects that we cover are:
  1. Stress-related issues

  2. Emotional issues

  3. Support for Babies, Mothers and Mothers To Be

In each consult, we will be sampling essential oils and discussing about your concerns. We only use sustainable, organic, pesticide-free, or wild crafted essential oils and carriers in our custom blending to ensure highest quality are given to our clients.

If you have any questions about your issue and how Aromatherapy can help, feel free to drop us an email at hello@havaroma.com.

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Essential Oils
Carriers & Accessories
  • CUSTOM Blend


    In person consult to your place complete with follow ups 

    A one hour initial consult


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