My Story



Hello there,

Thank you for being here and I’d like to welcome you to havaroma, a business that was conceived to empower people with using Aromatherapy in their daily lives, just like how it has helped me, changed my life and has now become a huge part of it.

How did it change my life, you may wonder? For one, I feel empowered to go to Aromatherapy for my personal and family’s health issues. I feel comforted and reassured knowing that I am supported by the plants.

On another level, I feel deep gratitude to the Nature around us, ever so unselfishly giving.

It is my wish that Aromatherapy does the same for you and your family.

I have written a few articles and blog posts if you’d like to read more. If you’d like to work with me in organizing talks or workshops pertaining stress and Aromatherapy or in person custom blending, drop me an email here at

See you soon!

Kuan Nee

Aromatherapy Educator | Advanced Aromatherapy Practitioner with NAHA | Case Study Instructor with Aromahead