Talks, Workshops & such

“Look deep into the nature, and then you will understand everything better.” – Albert Einstein

I LOVE to share on what you can do to manage your stress effectively with aromatherapy for yourself and your loved ones. Here in havaroma, we strive to bring to you simple things you can do to incorporate at your home to be able to keep the S word at bay.

We will be running workshops on how you can manage the S word with age old practices on aromatherapy and/or yoga. A little bit of education on what the essential oils from plants have to offer, goes a long way. Not to mention bringing home natural products you make your own!

Interested to organise a lunch talk for your company for a healthier living with aromatherapy? Or a retreat? Or a team event? Or just really, just a group of friends who want to spend some time together learning new things? Talk to us at!

Do sign up below here and we will keep you in the loop for future workshops, talks & such. Or simply email us at should you have further queries.


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