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The Most Outstanding Benefit Of Aromatherapy

The part that drew me tremendously to aromatherapy, is not only the art of aromatherapy, but also the science behind aromatherapy. Contrary to popular belief, aromatherapy is very much rooted in science as well. There is a lot of chemical … Continue reading

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Yoga On The Bed

Just like animals, we stretch when we try to awaken our body, we stretch too before we sleep. Yawning is also a form of stretching. It is an effective way to release the tightness in our muscles. Only God knows … Continue reading

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Sleep Routine

I think if I were to ask a class of 30 people on how many of us have problems sleeping at night, I think I’d safely guess at nearly half! Heck, I too have problems falling asleep sometimes. Minds running … Continue reading

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