Essential Oils Are Like Wine

In fact it is just Nature.

It is never the same. It changes and does this beautiful dance with everything else around it. That is why each batch of one essential oil is never completely the same, even though it is cultivated from the same farm, by the same farmer using the same tools.

Like everything else, these plants adapt to changes and haven’t they been doing just that since the beginning of time?

The plants producing essential oils are very much affected by the amount of sunlight they receive, the amount of rainfall, the quality of the soil, the altitude on which they were planted in and also if they were any pest attacks on them. This list goes on!

I write this because I feel in this day and age, we have come to expect that things are always exactly the same and consistent because we see a lot of manufactured products on the shelves. Rightly so, manufactured stringently.

So everytime you pick up a bottle of essential oil and give it a sniff, remember there is this beautiful story and dance behind it!

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