How To Make Your Own Inhaler

The empty inhaler comes with a cover, a wick, a butt and then you will bring out your own tweezer for this.


  1. Here’s everyone in the party! You will also need a tiny bowl for this exercise.


  1. Once you have selected your oils, drop the oils into the bowl. It can be a single oil, or 2 to 3 oils but it shall be a total of 15 drops only.


  1. Drop the wick into the bowl of oils. Let the wick soak it all up. Use the tweezer to turn the wick about so it is all covered and the oils are all soaked up.


  1. Use the tweezer to hold the wick out of the bowl once all the oils are all soaked up.


  1. Insert the wick into the cover.


  1. The picture here shows the wick completely inside the cover of the inhaler.


  1. Hold onto the butt, cap the butt to the cover till you hear a click.

And there you have it! Lastly do label your inhaler. Congratulations! Your very first DIYed inhaler. If you are wondering where to get the blank inhalers, click here for them.

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