5 Ways on How Aromatherapy Can Help Your Baby

Since becoming a Mother myself, I am forever grateful for these immense gifts the plants have in store for us. A lot of times, people relate essential oils to good smells only, but they are so SO very useful to have at home especially when you have little ones around. If you have heard about aromatherapy or essential oils but do not know what they really do and you use a little bit here and there, this one’s for you.


How come nobody told me before on how useful the essential oils are!

  1. Calm and Soothe

This is probably the most popular reason behind why a lot of parents use aromatherapy for babies. Used correctly, it is indeed very calming and helpful to soothe a baby. Essential oils like Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) and Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis) are great for babies. I personally like to diffuse these oils especially after a long, stimulating day say, out in the mall or around a lot of people. Babies get so easily overstimulated after all!

  1. Coughs and Colds

It is inherent in us as parents, when we see our babies with their little noses all stuffy and having difficulty breathing properly, we always want to help alleviate their pains. Diffusing essential oils around sick babies is a useful way to help relieve the stuffy noses and of course, as per above, to help soothe them down. Cedarwood (Juniperus virginiana) is my go-to for this! Diffuse for 15-30 minutes with your baby and switch it off after.

  1. Germ Killing

 Another top reason why we use essential oils at home. When the husband or other family member is sick, I also use essential oils to keep germs at bay so the baby is protected! Some of these oils with certain chemical constituents that are so very useful to boost immunity and keep the germs at bay! We use essential oils to make sprays and hand sanitizers for this purpose.


  1. Reducing Allergies

This one is a common issue in a lot of households and a large part of it is attributed to the many harmful chemicals found in many household products. Babies with their tiny, tiny developing body systems may sometimes be too sensitive to these chemicals. It is inevitably difficult to avoid them fully but we try to keep our home as toxic free as possible with green cleaning. Essential oils play an important role in green cleaning. The house smells great and natural and you know you are well protected by these plants. How? Some of these oils help strengthen our respiratory system, opening up our breaths and reduce inflammation on our sinuses on top of keeping our utensils free of germs!


We don’t use essential oils for this but hydrosols! What are they you might ask? Hydrosols are the water soluble parts of plants from the distillation of essential oils! Gentle on babies and so very handy to have with you. I have used them on my baby especially during teething and it seemed to soothe him down.

Aromatherapy or the usage of essential oils is an immense help to us from Nature. It lies very close to my heart about the possibility of mis-using essential oils as it could be very harming to these babies.

If you would like to expand your learning, below is a more in depth article exploring very common and potentially dangerous mistakes when using essential oils on our little people.

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Kuan Nee is a Clinical Aromatherapist with the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy in the USA.

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