5 Things To Consider When Purchasing A Diffuser

I have been asked numerous times on the type of diffuser that is good to diffuse essential oils and here are my 5 considerations when purchasing one.


1. Amount of water needed

This is actually high up on the list. If your diffuser can only take teeny bit of water, bear in mind that it usually means you have to keep on topping up the water in the diffuser and that is a major major hassle for me!

2. Coverage

Always ask for how wide an area it covers. If you intend to diffuse into a big area like a living room, this is especially important. It usually tells you coverage area in square metres.

3. Timer

Get one with a timer especially if you plan to leave it on while you sleep. It is not advisable to leave it the whole night through as sometimes it can be overwhelming to the body especially if it is in a room with all windows closed.

4. Size of diffuser

I like my diffusers quite slim and not too bulky, this is entirely a personal choice. Usually, those with high water volume are quite sizeable.

5. Light

Most of the diffusers come with lighting. Get one with soothing lighting please and nothing too bright. It is to my knowledge that red-based light is the best lighting to promote melatonin secretion from the brain which in turn helps promote sleep.

Here’s a general rule when it comes to considering an electric diffuser. If the sales person starts introducing water-based essential oils or what nots that is specifically made for this diffuser, then this diffuser is not for essential oils. Whatever it is you are diffusing, it’s highly likely synthetically made.

Do I use any specific brand? Yes I do, here’s them.

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