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A while ago, I asked the people on my mailing list if any of you have any aromatherapy questions to ask.

“Which brands of essential oils are ok to orally take? I know not all brands we can but am looking at the ones which allow us to ingest.”

I chose this question to answer because I feel there is room for further understanding here. Thank you for asking such a precious question for the benefit of all. I might not be addressing your question directly and I’d like to give you a background of it.

I think sometimes, as with our daily lives, it is very useful to take a step back and evaluate our reason behind certain actions. In this case, is there a specific issue that we’d like to address with ingestion of essential oils and what is it exactly?

I am generalizing here, this may not be the case of the person who asked this question. I am using an answer which a lot of people have provided to me on numerous occasions but the case is always I would like to ingest essential oils for I am told that it would boost my health and prevent me from falling sick.

A drop of essential oil into a glass of water to be drank daily is a very common advice apparently. However, it is not a practice I would recommend for 2 main reasons.

High concentration

Let’s take lemon essential oil for an example. It takes 50-70 lemons to be cold pressed into essential oil, would it make sense for us to take lemons of that high concentration everyday?


Water is a poor carrier of essential oils, and it is common knowledge that oil floats on top of water. So by ingesting a drop of essential oil “diluted” in water, is not diluting anything at all but putting yourself at risk due to exposure of internal organs to such high concentration of essential oils.

Is there another way you can use essential oils safely without putting yourself at risk yet give your immune system a boost?

Of course! Diffusion does aplenty on its own. Direct inhalation with an Aromastick does aplenty of its own. Inhalation is a fast and a safe way to deliver essential oils into our system.

What about using capsules filled with essential oils instead of water for ingestion?

This is definitely a more appropriate way for ingesting essential oils and never to be undertaken by yourself unless you are a Certified Aromatherapist specialising in ingestion or a medical health professional specialising in ingestion. There are many many considerations involved in coming up with the right amount and choice of essential oils to use and this method is used usually to target a specific issue.

The good news is, inhalation and application on skin with proper dilution cover an extremely wide range of issues already so we are good!

Now back to the question on which brand of essential oils to ingest. There is no particular division of brands of essential oils that are good for ingestion, and another brand for inhalation purposes. In actual fact, if you are using essential oils, it should come from a good, responsible company. Look for companies that are ethical and ideally, should know their farmers directly. I have a checklist of what to look out for when buying essential oils that you can download here.

Thank you again for all your submission of questions!

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