Is this a Magic Potion?

I recently had an interesting chat with my nephew. He had a backache that was remedied by my blend that I have made for my mom’s arthritic aches.

“Grandma is very funny!” He told me, to which I enquired why.

“For every ache that I have, she will always pass that same blend to me and told me to apply! Is this a Magic Potion?!”

Courtesy of Zauberbann

Courtesy of Zauberbann

My nephew finds this puzzling but that was exactly my instruction to my mom! Not the magic potion part, but to use it on herself should she have any aches and pains, including headache, some viral infection that she might have caught and of course her arthritic pain.

That was the main purpose of the blend, for her arthritic needs of course, and it works best for that function. But the goodness doesn’t only stop there.

Essential oils have a multitude of actions. We are so used to thinking of a specific pill for a specific issue but when it comes to plants and Nature, it is far more complicated than that. Each pill is made up of one active ingredient mostly, but for essential oils and plants, there are many other “ingredients” that make up the oil itself!

Chemistry aside, at the very least, it is able to calm an otherwise agitated adult (because of the pains) and remember what I said about the single most outstanding quality of essential oils?

So no it is not a Magic Potion dear nephew but the magic of Nature!

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