5 Reasons to DIY Aromatherapy Blends

Love spending money buying aromatherapy products? Have you thought of blending on your own? There are many reasons but here are my top five. Yes! I blend most things for my home!
1. Customise according to need
You want to create a cleaning stock blend that kills off bacteria and fungal growth and yet can help prevent you from getting a cold? Check. You want to blend a body wash that can help protect your skin vitality and help you de-stress according to smells that you like? Check. You want a pillow spray that not only smells nice but is able to help you to drift off to sleep and deepened your breathing? Check. No need to hunt for that one product to suit your need.

Courtesy of Social Forest

Courtesy of Social Forest

2. You know what you are putting onto yourself
Exactly that. We can never know what went into the products we bought these days and know that whatever you put onto yourself topically or through inhalation, gets into your blood stream. Why spend money on something that might potentially cause harm on you?

3. It’s REALLY fast
That is true! Get the recipe in front of you, with the containers at hand and voila! A few minutes max. So don’t let time be an excuse for you to not DIY.

4. Blending is therapeutic
Ask anyone who has done aromatherapy blending before and you will hear that blending on its own is a very calming process. Not only the essential oils smell wonderful but the variations in smells bring you to so many places and memories.

5. It is economical
The initial outlay of a few bottles of essential oils might seem a lot at first but it is definitely cheaper than buying, say, a few bottles of aromatherapy room spray. It is also great for your health and well-being in the long run and that, my dear friend, is invaluable.

Invite Nature into your home and one day, I look forward to hearing from you how it has changed your life!

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