A New Year Blend

It’s that time of the year again.

Where you look back and see how the year has panned out. Where resolutions are reviewed or entirely forgotten! I am afraid I mostly concur with the latter! It is also that time of the year where you heave a great big sigh of joy or relief and turn your attention to the new start, the New Year filled with more happiness and promises.

I have in mind some essential oils that are great for diffusing while you are setting your goals and resolutions for the next year, at the same time, reflecting on the year that is coming to an end.

  1. Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus)

Fresh, uplifting aroma of Eucalyptus never fails to add that little bit of spark when I take the first inhalation with it. It opens up the breathing, inviting you to take new, fresh breaths with it. Very symbolic indeed in this time of the year.

  1. Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanoides)

While Eucalyptus opens up the breath, Vetiver deepens it. It reminds you to just relax with a deep long breath of inhalation and brings you back down to earth. Another practical essential oil to have around when you are setting your resolutions realistically and not impulsively.

  1. Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis)

One of my personal favourites as it invites creativity and positivity into your life. This essential oil is great especially if you are feeling a little stagnant and stuck the past year. How can one ever feel negative with Sweet Orange around.

  1. Laurel Leaf (Laurus nobilis)

Comforting and bright, Laurel Leaf invigorates the tired mind after a whole year of hard work while lending a sense of reassurance. It centers and helps you to gain focus on the goals that you would like to achieve next year.

Countdown Party

Drop 3-5 drops into your diffuser during the start of the year and especially great when writing resolutions for next year. Caution with use in electric diffuser as Vetiver might be too heavy. You can substitute with Patchouli instead. You can read more about creating stock blend at this post.

Happy New Year dear friends!

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