The Most Outstanding Benefit Of Aromatherapy

The part that drew me tremendously to aromatherapy, is not only the art of aromatherapy, but also the science behind aromatherapy. Contrary to popular belief, aromatherapy is very much rooted in science as well. There is a lot of chemical understanding, the relationships between different compounds, how it specifically affects our bodies … for the longest time, I would take a deep inhalation of an essential oil and marvel at how amazing it smells, specific effects it has on me and yet with so much scientific explanation behind it!

Serious scientific talk aside, I just want to share the one benefit that really stood out for me when it comes to how aromatherapy is able to make you live a better life.

Calming effect.

Maybe because it is an overused expression, I am not sure, but people take for granted of this particular effect aromatherapy has on people. Maybe because it is not a fancy term?:)

How many times have you lost track of what you were doing  halfway? How many times have you found yourself or heard someone else gasping for air sometimes or suddenly sighing? Or cannot ever seem to recover from the cold? Or be irritable at the slightest issue? Or cannot even seem to focus on one task but continously diverting your attention elsewhere?

And all you need, in its simplest form, is to calm down. Our bodies are perpetually trying to balance itself, and trust that once it is balanced, it will take care of itself and everything else that comes with it. In other words, your body is 100% focused at what you are doing on hand, and not spend 70% of its time trying to find the balance it has lost.

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You will find that when you are calmer, you are able to handle situations better. Emotions don’t run high. You are able to focus at task at hand. Relationships improve because you are not irritable, and your eyes are not constantly darting around, losing interest in the person you are talking to, trying to find the next thing to do. You are generally healthier, because your body is able to cope better. You sleep better. You are more productive. You breathe better.

And truly, that’s what really a lot of us need in this day and age. Waking up bright and sun shiny, ready to take on the world!

P/S: There have been researches done in aromatherapy and insomnia, hypertension, pain management, headaches and migraine and anxiety. If you are interested, you can always drop me an email or I might write about it sometime soon as well.

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