10 Things About Our Sense of Smell (SOS!)

Here are 10 things about our uh-ma-ziiinnggg olfactory system!

1. Our sense of smell is closely linked to our memories, more so than other senses.

2. Not only memories, but our sense of smell affects our emotions very much! Both of No.1 and 2 are because olfaction is closely linked to our limbic system in the brain – the part of the brain responsible for emotions and impulsive responses.

3. Olfaction is also the only sense that reaches directly to cerebral cortex, which is responsble for higher functions such as learning tasks and language.

4. You take longer time to get immune to bad smells. Try standing next to a rubbish dump! But on the other hand, if it is good smells to you, it will tend to disappear faster.

5. Our sense of smell is the first sense that was developed while in womb.

6. Anosmia is a condition where people lost their sense of smell.

Guinea-pig Is Smelling Verdure

7. Parosmia or cacosmia, on the other hand, is an olfactory dysfunction where everything smells bad to them!

8. People remember 35% of what they smell, 5% of what they see, 2% of what they hear, 1% of what they touch.

9. The olfactory membrane is the size of a stamp but contains 10-20 million olfactory receptors and like everything else in our bodies, it can be “trained” to recognize specific smells.

10. Delivery of essential oils into our bodies via inhalation is much faster than topical inhalation.

Yes! You don’t have to use essential oils on your skin or ingestion and it works just as well. 🙂

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