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I think if I were to ask a class of 30 people on how many of us have problems sleeping at night, I think I’d safely guess at nearly half!

Heck, I too have problems falling asleep sometimes. Minds running like crazy, thinking of everything from what should I eat tomorrow, to sorting out finances, to playing games, to conversations with people and I think the biggest problem here is – we can’t shut off.

So I’d like to share a simple routine here, why routine you may ask? Routine helps the body to condition, just like Pavlov’s theory. The moment you get into Step 1 of sleep routine, the body automatically relaxes in time to come, to prep for sleep already!


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Here’s what I do:

1. Diffuse essential oils in the room. 

Lavender is famous for its sleep and calming properties and nothing like the smell of lavender in your room wafting you to sleep! At havaroma, we also make sleep blends, where it is a combination of both lavender and sweet marjoram that works nicely to lull you. If you are in an air conditioned room, the smell lingers till the next morning although it is just lighted up for an hour or so before you sleep.

2. Take a meaningful shower

Meaningful because I mindfully wash away the day’s worries and thoughts. Water and plants have been known to be very cleansing. I know for sure, that I do have bouts where I need to just sit next to the beach or take a walk in nature. Like a craving kind! I also have my beautiful scrub with oils that help clear my head on bad days. Works wonders!

3. Yoga on the bed

Have you observed the animals before they sleep? They stretch all the time. Babies too! Yawning is a form of stretch too if you think about it! Just simple yoga with side stretches, forward bends, nothing taxing, and all the while enjoy the aroma of lavender with you! I have written another post on some yoga on the bed that you can do!

4. Massage your feet

Massage your feet gently, I have my blend of Lavender, Palmarosa, Sweet Marjoram, Ylang Ylang with jojoba as my body oil. Glorious! Massage releases endorphins and helps to relieve from stress. Need I say more?

5. Breathing exercise

Which is really just sitting and breathing for me. Focused on the exhalation, bringing it long and soft. We tend to forget to exhale properly during the day so this is a great time to release the residual air! And it does help in letting go whatever that has bothered you today.

Sometimes I run some calming music at the background. No singing, just music. I do also read before bed, but not a new book. It has to be a book that I have read numerous times so it’d lull me to sleep! Try not to play with your smart phones or laptops or ipads the moment you are on bed, the screen light does not help at all in sleep! It is known to emit blue light, which disrupts melatonin secretion.

Dog Sleeping With Alarm Clock And Sleeping Mask

Good night and sleep tight.

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