Clear the noisy mind!

I love this inhaler of mine and have used it to reduce the pain of my headache, from throbbing to bearable pain and proud to say, without popping any pills!

The fresh,rejuvenating smell of the this inhaler uplifts me whenever I feel heavy and of course, as the name implies, clears the noisy noisy head.


As I was making this inhaler, I have myself in mind hence I picked out smells that appeal to me and at the same time, great for headaches. I am especially attracted to the smell of Ravintsara and Siberian Fir.

Ravintsara has great properties for reducing anxiety and stress, both that comes before the headache and during the headache itself. I also needed something that will soothe away the pain hence the Siberian Fir to the blend.

I think most of you will agree with me, that prior to having a headache, the poor head is mostly filled with clutter, nothing grounding the thoughts but running amok chaotically in the head and if the thoughts had lungs, it’d probably be screaming on top of its lungs too while running!

This is where Frankincense comes in, not very big on the scent but when added to this blend, it adds a lasting sweet note to is as well, so it’s all good! Frankincense acts like a mother to a screaming kid, giving reassurance and making soothing sounds, thus calming the kicking kid in the head.

I went to bed, clutching my inhaler to myself, assured of the serenity it provides.

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