1. How come there is no smell from the oil after a while?

  • Our nose gets sensitized after a while! It is funny, it does not get sensitized with bad smells! Like say, if you are in a room of garbage dump, you will smell it even after 30 minutes inside the room! So if you leave the room and reenter again, you will notice the aroma back.

2. I can’t sleep still with your Sleep set.

  • We are so used to everything instant and fast that we think it is going to knock us out the moment we whiff it! Just like everything natural, it comes gently and in a subtle manner. You might feel like not doing anything when you use the Set (which is good when you need to sleep!) or you feel more contented and calmer. Observe and be patient my dear friend! You can also couple it with some simple things you can do that’s listed on our blog.

3. Why can’t I put the essential oils directly on my body? It says do not use undiluted.

  • Essential oils are very very very very, very VERY concentrated oils. Else it can be very skin irritating with its extremely high concentration. The other beauty of it, is that you don’t need that much essential oil for the same effect! In order to be used on skin, it has to be diluted with carrier oils such as almond, jojoba, palm, olive etc. That's what our body oil is made of!

4. What is GCMS?

  • GCMS stands for gas chromatography mass spectrometry analysis. GCMS breaks down and lists the chemical components of each essential oil so we know exactly the properties of each essential oil, the effect it has and whether are there any adulterants added to it.

5. What does wild crafted and unsprayed mean?

  • Wild crafted are plants that grow in the wild and unsprayed means grown by farmers without the use of pesticide. Yes, all our products are pesticide-free! 

6. Why are not all of your ingredients certified organic?

  • To be certified organic, it is an extremely expensive process that a lot of the small time farmers could not afford. We have partners who visit these farms to ensure that the essential oils produced are in an organic manner. These farmers have very high respect and love for the work they do. In this way, we ensure sustainability in this industry by supporting good practices. We do obtain some essential oils from certified organic farmers as well. It is written in the description of each essential oil.

7. Why is it important that the essential oils and the ingredients used are pesticide free and GCMS tested?

  • The only way to ensure what you are buying is of 100% pure quality when it comes to essential oils, is to obtain a GCMS report. We are very happy to be able to offer this report in the essential oil description by batch. Essential oils are very healing and a lot of us buy these essential oils for various reasons that you would like to achieve. Only with pure, pesticide-free essential oils and ingredients that you are able to fully enjoy the benefits of these essential oils. Moreover, our body absorbs what we put on ourselves, what we breathe in and thus highlights the importance of it being pesticide-free.

8. Do you manufacture your products in a factory?

  • No! All our product blends are lovingly hand-made. We believe in the importance of  a person with the right intention blending it. Hence sometimes, the products might differ slightly.

9. I have no clue how to make my Personalized Aromastick!

  • Fret not! We have sample recipes that you can follow on our blog and you can venture from there. 

10. How can I manage my stress more effectively?

  • In order to manage stress more effectively, it is also important to couple aromatherapy with regular exercise (we love yoga here!)  together with healthy, unprocessed food and surround yourself with positivity. It is really as simple as that, no particular rocket science formula! Try, trust, and it will come.
11. Do you ship outside of Singapore?
  • We want to eventually! But for now, please drop us a mail and let's arrange further at havaroma@gmail.com