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Why You Should Know Your Lavenders

I was blending for myself a few weeks ago to prepare for labour. And more so than ever, I am extremely thankful for aromatherapy. It has helped me tremendously and made my pregnancy so much more enjoyable.

Lavender is my first love and I will always have a special place for this beautiful oil due to its wide ranging usages. I have always said, if there are only 2 essential oils to have at home, my pick would be Lavender and Tea Tree!

Not just any Lavender. The Lavender I am talking about is specifically called Lavandula angustifoliaLavandula angustifolia is the one with multitude of benefits and very very safe to use even for pregnancy at the right dilution.

But not every Lavender is safe to use during pregnancy.

You have Lavandula latifolia or commonly known as Spike Lavender and together with Lavandula stoechas, these 2 Lavenders are not recommended for usage during pregnancy. Both of these Lavenders carry quite high contents of camphor. Camphor is a component that we avoid during pregnancy because it can be toxic to the developing life inside you. This highlights again the importance of knowing the scientific names of the essential oils you are buying and know that NOT every Lavender is the same. Likewise for other essential oils.

That being said, we use Lavandula latifolia and Lavandula stoechas for a wide range of other issues, just not for pregnant women. 🙂

Here are the 3 Lavenders. Different but so beautiful, don’t you think?

Lavandula angustifolia, Courtesy of Wikimedia

Lavandula angustifolia, courtesy of Wikimedia

Lavandula latifolia, courtesy of

Lavandula latifolia, courtesy of


Lavandula stoechas, courtesy of

Lavandula stoechas, courtesy of

Back at you, do you know the scientific names of your essential oils that you already have?

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