You are your best teacher

The last I wrote on how your body is so smart, because it tells you if it’s unhappy at Digestive Aid And precisely, it is this very feedback system that tells us more than what Google can tell you! My teacher’s teacher once said, that whenever we feel any aches anywhere, the first thing we do is to Google it. When in fact, all you have to do is ask your body and listen! “Hello stomach, why are you so unhappy these days?”


I was in a class of forward bends that day, and like I mentioned before, I have always had a problem with tight hamstrings hence inflexibility. While everybody was holding onto their feet, foreheads touching floor (omg!), the E word got the better of me. I tried extending more while feeling this ache behind my lower back. Fidgety. Adjusting excessively. Till my teacher came to me and I told her about the ache. She adjusted the chair (the chair!) that my forehead was resting on, towards me. Gulps.

“Better now?” She quizzed. I nodded. She looked at me with those see through eyes of hers and said, “I am only a tour guide, you are the teacher. I am merely showing you but YOUR BODY teaches you.”

And there. The ache that told me that I had extended too far out. That I was not extending from the base of spine but rather the lower back. That I was trying because I was a tad frustrated that I couldn’t. That it takes time and patience and release.

Ego.Btw, that’s the E word.

And no I didn’t Google that night “Why did my back ache while extending out in yoga?”

P/S: The part about asking your body? It works. Try to sit meditatively for a few minutes before focusing your attention on the area that hurts. Feel the ache, understand the ache and how it relates to the rest of your body. If it helps you focus, you can cover the area with your hand. Then all you have to do is just :- listen to yourself.

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