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Yoga On The Bed

Just like animals, we stretch when we try to awaken our body, we stretch too before we sleep. Yawning is also a form of stretching. It is an effective way to release the tightness in our muscles. Only God knows how tight our muscles are in times of stress – it is preparing to jump out at enemies anytime! Caveman problem. These are great for people experiencing sleeping problems whether difficulty in falling asleep/insomnia or difficulty staying asleep

Here are a few simple yoga postures that I do on the bed to prepare myself to have a good night sleep. Take at least 5 deep, long breaths in each asana. I do this while diffusing my essential oils like SLEEP Diffuser Blend in the room. Glorious!

1. Child’s Pose – Balasana


Photo courtersy of The dog seems to be yoga-ing too!

Points to note: Knees wider than the width of your hips with your big toes touching each other. Having that pillow helps support your body.

Helps lengthen and provides space to that spine of yours. We don’t walk properly nor we sit properly which can contribute to spinal compression!

2. Forward Bend – Baddha Konasana
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Points to note: Press your soles together. You can have your arms in front of you straight out, with a straight, relaxed back.

Helps opens up the tight hips from a day of sitting. Rumor has it that we keep our anger, unhappiness in our hips. It will do them well to open up!

3. Seated Side Bend

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Points to note: Make sure your butt is firmly on the floor when you reach to the side. Breathe through your expanded side rib.

Helps in better and more opened breathing. Stress again leads to us shortening our breath, which tenses up our nervous system and circulation. Try noticing your breath when you are angry or upset.

4. Lion’s Pose (optional)


Photo courtesy of wikiHow

I say it is optional because people usually do not want to do this (I don’t understand!) but nobody will see this especially if it’s in your bedroom! I absolutely love this!

Points to note: Start with a deep inhalation seated up, then push your tongue all the way down like the lady, eyes wide open as your press your hands down to your bed and exhale with a loud long hissing sound akin to screaming silently. Eyes wide open too! Count to ten and then keep everything in back to upright seated position.

I love it because I am one who keeps my tension in my jaws. Yes that is real, have a neck ache or shoulder ache recently? You probably keep your tension there then. Even if you don’t have tension in jaws, it is great to let it all out before you sleep so you will start afresh the next day!

All in all this takes, what, 15 minutes? I diffuse my SLEEP Diffuser Blend in the room while I am doing this and then massage my feet and neck with SLEEP Body Oil.

If you do really have some sleep problems, try to unwind with this sleep routine.

Hello bright and shiny day tomorrow!

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