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Why The Inhaler?

aromastick_clear_head_finallistI used to set up booths at events with my Aromasticks pre-blended (inhaler) and I am always amused by the responses I get. Maybe you might be one of them, if it sounds familiar to you. I know some of you through these events anyway.

“Are these lip balms?”

“Are these those that we sniff like addicts?”

“OH! These are those held by uncles by the streets, sniffing about!”

“Wait, how do you apply these?” Proceeds to try to rub on skin.

“The smell is quite faint honestly!” Proceeds to sniff with the cap on.

Fond memories! Thank you for making me smile all over again.

I find inhalers incredibly useful and I will tell you why.

  1. It delivers

Aromasticks have essential oils inside, so when you inhale through such close proximity to your nose, it is stronger than general room diffusion. Inhalation of essential oils have its sets of benefits, including the fact that it goes directly to the limbic system in the brain.

What is the limbic system? Simply put, it is a part of the brain that regulates emotions, motivations and memory and it is very closely linked to the olfactory system.

  1. It is portable

Keep it in your bag, your purse, in your pocket! If you travel a lot, this is so so useful to bring it along with you. You can even bring this with you to meetings.

  1. It is personal

Only you can smell the aroma, so it is very personal. If you are one of those office folks who want to diffuse oil but afraid that some of your colleagues may not like it, inhalers are extremely useful for you.

  1. It is so helpful!

I find it most useful for people dealing with pains, sinus, respiratory congestions and people dealing with some emotional issues.

Watch out for the next blog post, I will be writing about how to make your very own! Hope you have also enjoyed making the candle, click here to bring you to candle making.

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