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What does it mean to care for self?

This month, we celebrated International Women’s Day.

We are a busy bunch, aren’t we?

“I’m so stressed!”

“Take some time off then.”

“I don’t have time! I have too many things to do!”

Sounds familiar?

This is akin to you driving on the highway and when somebody suggests you fill up your petrol tank because you are running really low, you yell out, ” I don’t have time! I have too many things to do!”

Result: Car stalled in the middle of highway.

For some twisted reason, some of us somehow conclude that we don’t deserve the best and that is why we wear ourselves out all the time.

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Today, I ask you to take some time off.

Go sign up for a weekly class of your favourite activity. If you don’t have time, sign up for a monthly class. If you really don’t have time, go for a walk for an hour every day. If you really really don’t have time, close your eyes in the shower and take 3 deep long breaths.

You deserve it, trust me.

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