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Aromatherapy Learnings

Getting through the discomfort

Have you ever been in physical discomfort/pain? How did you manage/get through the discomfort or pain that time? If you are like anything like me really, I was having lots of thoughts coming through that go from gritting my…

Aromatherapy Learnings

Breathing technique for calming

Now I do this sometimes before I sleep to unwind the day. Simply, to release. 1. Sit comfortably cross-legged with an erect spine. You can improve this position by sitting on the edge of a thick blanket to elevate…

Aromatherapy Blends

For Headaches & A Noisy Head!

Try making this inhaler for: 1. Headaches 2. Reduced anxiety and stress 3. A quiet mind Use whenever there is a headache, whenever you feel like your head is real heavy from all the thinking, or even before bed…

Aromatherapy Blends

Clear the noisy mind!

I love this inhaler of mine and have used it to reduce the pain of my headache, from throbbing to bearable pain and proud to say, without popping any pills! The fresh,rejuvenating smell of the this inhaler uplifts me…