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Sweet Orange

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And this time around, I’d like to introduce to you all an oil that most of you might be familiar with because almost all of us eat oranges and it is none other than Sweet Orange!

Scientific Name: Citrus sinensis (Si-trus Si-nan-sis)

Properties of Sweet Orange: This oil is distilled from the rind, fresh and so very bright! Next time, if you are one of those who are tired and at the same time, nauseous, try inhaling this oil. Perks you up, relaxes you and you guess it, curb the nausea. It is also one of my go-to oils if you have digestive problems like indigestion, gastric. Calms the tummy. It is also a great oil to use when you are feeling down, stuck in a rut and need to get some creative juices flowing.

Can you eat oranges and feel down at the same time? I actually can’t! In my experience, the little kids love this aroma a lot so it comes in handy when you want a calmer child, diffuse for 30 minutes in the room.


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