Simple Child’s Pose

Need something to clear the head? Feel bogged down by endless worries? Just need to relax after a crazy day?

Here’s one that helps me regardless of flexibility, time needed.

Courtesy of http://www.tradesy.com/

Courtesy of http://www.tradesy.com/

1. Kneel on the floor and lower your buttocks slowly down, sitting directly on top of your legs. I normally try this on mat, so that it is more comfortable and sometimes on my bed.

2. Keep your toes and knees together.

3. Open up your knees apart hip width and maintain the toes touching together.

4. Slowly fold your upper body forward as seen in the picture, arms straight and palms wide open, fully touching the floor.

5. Keep the spine long and breathe fully in and out 3 times at least.

That’s it!


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