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Patchouli, in all its glory

I was in Bali recently and I came across so many Patchouli, Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang essentials oils being sold there. Not that surprising after all, Indonesia produces a lot of Patchouli and Sandalwood.

Now I have always been a curious person, especially when I know the Balinese or Indonesians tend to aways use herbs to heal. Mom told me once, an Indonesian worker of hers munched on some plants outside our house when she was sick one time! Obviously they know something we don’t so I did a little search in Malay for Patchouli (known as Nilam) to see what Indonesians normally do with them.



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3 things stand out on reading them. Patchouli is very well known among them to help in stress management. It calms the nerves and soul and helps chases the blues away and the best part, it is sedative thus helping people with insomnia.

Secondly according to these Indonesians, it is great for skin issues. Dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, heals burns, prevents wound from further infection, cracked skin, ageing skin, scars, dandruff on scalp, skin with pus or any other funny skin issues!

Lastly, the insects dislike the smell and Patchouli kills these insects too, so yes it acts as a natural insect repellant. I can vouch for this, for I have used Patchouli in my insect repellant blend in the middle of paddy fields in Bali and I was saved! Let me tell you, I attract mosquitoes like nobody’s business. My record, 30 over bites in one night, with no one else on the same trip bitten. How about that?! No more Deet filled insect repellants that I feel like I am killing myself too each time I put it on 🙂

I have learned to appreciate the smell of Patchouli and am thankful for learning about it. Other interesting things mentioned by the Indonesians is that it heightens sensuality, helps with coughs , asthma, nausea and even fever!

So much goodness in that little bush, what a beautiful gift from Mother Nature! Any other thing about Patchouli that I have missed out?

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