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Myths on Aromatherapy

I hear all kinds of things about aromatherapy in my line of work all the time. Here are some, that I thought that maybe it is fun to address and does not hurt to add a little bit of knowledge on this beautiful subject here.

smelling the flowers

1. Essential oils are manufactured in factories
Essential oils come from one thing and one thing only, none other than the amazing plants. You can’t engineer an essential oil in the factory! There are farmers all over the world who grow the plants specifically for essential oil only. How great!

2. All essential oils, fragrances, extracts are the same
It is so commercialized these days, that people naturally think they are all the same. Fragrances would be the ones engineered in the factory and essential oils are from the plants and nothing else. We use essential oils for therapeutic blends to support the health of the body whereas fragrances, as the name suggests is only to fragrance a product with no therapeutic value.

3. I can drink them daily because it is so good!
Simply put, essential oils are extremely extremely extremely extremely concentrated molecules from the plants. One drop is equivalent to 50-100 tea bags in your pot of tea. Now, you don’t go putting 100 teabags into your pot of tea for an afternoon tea every day, do you? One teabag or two of chamomile tea can already lull you to sleep. Furthermore you are subjecting your internal organs to unnecessary risks. Consider the possible interaction of such concentrated molecules with your delicate internal body system. Less is more in aromatherapy. Remember that. Did I mention that essential oils are extremely extremely extremely concentrated and not to be drop into your water and drink like that?

4. “Aromatherapy is not for me, it causes me to sneeze and have headaches.”
You were probably not smelling essential oils, highly likely you were smelling fragrances, perfumes and synthetics. Yes, these are known allergens, not the same as essential oils from the nature. I get them terribly too with synthetics and fragrances but I run around happily with my essential oils. 🙂

5. Aromatherapy is just for a good smelling room
And SO much more! We use essential oils to support our body and health. Of course, you need a certain level of knowledge to do that. We make everyday items such as scrubs, candles, body lotion, facial toners, facial wash, body wash, green cleaning blends, masks, natural perfume and so tonnes more! We also make therapeutic medicinal blends with it, say, for muscle aches and joints, for labour, for stomach cramps, for insomnia, for pain, for colds, for anxiety, for depression and the list goes on! In my line, we use aromatherapy through inhalation and topical application, and it does plenty of good. So don’t go dropping into water and drinking it, yes? Promise?

Aromatherapy for Vitality

Do you have any uncertainties in aromatherapy that have held you back from using essential oils?

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