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Me, my experience with migraine

I have had migraine for the longest time, about 18 years ago or so when it first started. Migraine to me is a very stepwise process, it will start with blinking, throbbing lights that disturbs my vision. Followed by me being nauseous because of the blinking lights and then I will puke, then the headache kicks in. Hard.

I always describe the visual disturbance as such, I know you are standing in front of me, but I can’t see your features. The throbbing blinking lights shifts too btw from maybe I can’t see your eyes to I can’t see your eyes and nose and my own hands.

I did not know how to handle it when I was a teenager, I got myself a pair of glasses because I thought my eyes had problems! LOL! I didn’t have the money to see a specialist or doctor then, but fortunately for me, my classmate who sat 2 seats away from me, had the same symptoms too! She saw a specialist and all and told me really, nothing can be done except to take painkillers.

As I got older and read up on it, every time there was an attack, I’d go to a dark room and rest. Because my eyes were closed, the visual disturbance does not feel as bad. I started carrying a bottle of paracetamols with me everywhere and would always pop a few each time it comes. Later on, I heard that the visual disturbance is like a pre-empt and if I managed to take painkillers fast during that point in time, I would avert the whole episode mostly. If not, I would normally stay in bed the rest of the day, feeling funny and disoriented after the episode.

I also learnt later on that there was a research that said ironically, taking more painkillers now to manage that headache would later result in more frequent headaches, but instant gratification sometimes got the better of me.

Beach chairs on the evening sea coast.

So last week, when I was in the middle of a noisy cafe over lunch talking to a friend, I had a very interesting experience that I’d like to share with other migraineurs. As I was listening to my friend talking, I started seeing the very beginning of light flashes, a sign that my visual disturbance is coming.

I blinked a few times and whipped out my Clear Head Aromastick. My friend asked me what’s wrong, and I said my migraine is coming and to continue on talking to me while I continuously inhaled deep with my Aromastick. While listening to her talk, I alternated between drinking my soup and stopping to inhale my Aromastick. The visual disturbances came and I continued on.

There was no dark and quiet room, and I wanted to meet my friend whom I have not seen in a long time.

In 30 minutes to 45 mins after my first flash of light ….. the visual disturbance went away. Yes, went AWAY! Quietly! I was not feeling nauseous nor did the headache come. It didn’t frigging come!

I was elated. When I realized what’s happening, I stopped my friend mid sentence and told her. It has never happened to me before! I know essential oils are healing but that was just WOW to me. And in the midst of a noisy, bright cafe too!

I really can’t say for sure, but I think it was a combination of essential oils, deep inhalation and exhalation as I was using the Aromastick and I was not focused on my migraine as I listened to her speak. Or maybe the Korean soup. LOL. I mean I know that it has made my headaches more bearable with Clear Head but to avert the episode was just astounding for me personally.

But I was genuinely happy and amazed and am thankful that I am doing what I am doing right now, in hope to reach out to more people who have similar migraines like mine. That there is something else for you to try and keep it manageable.

In time, I hope you are able to share your amazing experience with essential oils with me.

Let’s keep the good coming.


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