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I start the New Year with Lemongrass!

Simply because it is a favourite among many folks and I have recently learnt how to make delicious soup that is not Tom Yam with it. I have to cut the stalks up in sections and pound it lightly to let go of the essential oils contained in the stalk itself and just by that preparation with the release of oils, it is relaxing already.


Lemongrass has a lemony tinge to its scent which is probably why it is called so.

Scientific Name: Cymbopogon citratus (Simp-bo-po-gone Si-tra-tus)

C’mon, say it with me!

Lemongrass essential oil reminds a lot of people about spa, if not the toilet! That’s the feedback I get normally. If you are one of these people, you are right about the properties of Lemongrass.

Properties of Lemongrass: It is sedating and very rejuvenating for people who are mentally exhausted especially, which is why a lot of spas use it. Why is it great in the toilet too? It is a pretty strong oil, meaning a drop or two would have completely masked bad odours. I like to use Lemon essential oil with Lemongrass in the toilets, Lemon to remove the unpleasant smell and Lemongrass to scent the toilet. Also remember, if you are making a blend, this is one oil where less is really really more. I also like making candles with it and I am going to write a post about how to make candles real soon.

Lemongrass hangs out especially well with essential oils like Cedarwood, Sweet Orange, Sandalwood.

Next up is a blend with Lemongrass so wait for it!

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