I am not flexible enough to do Yoga!

Every time someone says that whenever they know I am doing yoga, I had to chuckle to myself.

In their heads, yoga is all about this! And only if you are able to do this right from the start, then you are eligible to do yoga.



When in fact, really, yoga opens its arms to people like me and what do I mean by people like me?

Can’t touch your toes when you bend forward without bending your knees? Check.

Can’t lie down and raise your legs straight up without bending knees? Check.

Can’t do sit-ups at ALL? Check. (Yup, that would be me too!)

When everybody’s bending forward, you are the only one whose head is still up and having people wondering whether have you really bent forward at all? Check.

And let me tell you, that YES you are still very much able to do yoga, and I will take that further by saying, you are the one who will benefit more from it than anyone else! No doubt, it is going to take patience and practice to slowly loosen yourself but there is this question I can’t help but to ask each time someone comments this.

If you think you are tight and inflexible now, what do you think will happen to you 10 years from now?






Yes, you are probably right.

Check out a simple yoga pose anyone can do to relax http://www.havaroma.com/2013/10/07/simple-childs-pose/

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