How Does Your Human Design Affect Your Stress Level with Andrea Nino de Guzman

Here’s a thought for you: If you are feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, frustrated in one way or another, perhaps it is not so much about how much you are doing, but WHO YOU ARE at the very core.

I wish I could say Human Design is a personality test but it is not – it goes SO much deeper than that. It has so much more depth to it and how you experience stress has everything to do with your Human Design.

In this episode, we explore:

What is Human Design

What are the 5 Human Design Types

How stress looks like to each one of the Human Design Types

How each type overcomes stress

A 8 step affirmation each day to stand in your power

Andrea works with you by uncovering your Human Design and to guide you to your highest potential with her unique deconditioning methodology.

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