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It is not easy to adhere to, it is not easy to make a pact with yourself with no teacher around, it is not easy to even unroll your mat! Thousands of excuses float passed. “I am too tired. I need rest.” (when really, you are FINE) “Oh, I just did yoga yesterday, I shall skip today.” “It’s just one day. What is one day in the greater scheme of things????”

Get started!

It requires discipline and most importantly, it teaches us about commitment. Something that’s sometimes lacking in me, I must say. Here are a few tips that I found useful to help myself in maintaining a home practice.

1. Share

Tell your partner, tell your friends, whoever that’s around you the night before, that you are waking up at 6am tomorrow morning to do yoga. I find this useful in instilling the motivation to do so the next morning, just so because it feels good to keep your words and you did it!

2. 10 minutes before

If I am doing yoga at 6am, I set my alarm at 545am. This gives me time to snooze and prep for my practice.

3. Get changed!

Here is what I do the moment I wake up (I must admit, not every day). I roll out of bed, brush my teeth, make the bed and quickly change into my yoga clothes no matter how sleepy. Sometimes I beat this routine by getting changed BEFORE brushing my teeth. This helped me a lot, even over the weekends, once I get changed, although sometimes I don’t start immediately, I am bound to exercise or practice!

4. Arm’s length

I have my mat, bolster, blanket, blocks nearby my area of practice so I do not spend too much time setting up. All within an arm’s length or a step or two.

5. Savour and remember

I always feel so calm and grounded after my morning practice and I try my best to remember this feeling. When I get lazy, I recalled this amazing feeling post practice and it definitely helped me to get moving. Also, I offer a little gratitude prayer at the end of practice that I feel so blessed to have this time (it could be just 5 minutes of yoga) for myself.

How do you kickstart and maintain your home practice? Any tips to share?





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