Essential Oils Are Unsafe To Use During Pregnancy

Yes, I have said it. Essential oils are unsafe to use during pregnancy unless you know which ones to use and how to use them.

Hold up! Don’t go throwing away your essential oils and beating yourself over it. I will tell you why.

Essential oils are EXCELLENT during pregnancy if you use safe and gentle ones at the right dilution. Questions are, which ones are they and how to use them?

But first, why are they excellent for pregnancy you may ask?

Essential oils help with pregnancy discomfort

They sure do! You don’t have to endure your discomfort throughout these 9 months. You can use essential oils safely for many types of issues that are pregnancy-related such as indigestion, swollen feet, morning sickness, backache etc.

They keep you healthy

Catching a cough or cold is no fun at all during this period. On top of adjusting to body changes, heaviness, here we are hacking and sneezing away. Essential oils can help by supporting your immune system and keeping the bugs at bay.

Essential oils calm and relax you

How good is that? During pregnancy, there is a lot of stress involved. Heart rate increases, weight increases, more stress to your ligaments and bones – all the more this expectant mom needs to learn how to relax. There have been studies showing associations between antenatal maternal stress with ADHD in kids. Essential oils are perfectly safe and effective to support your emotional health throughout pregnancy, well into motherhood!

I am so thankful each day during my own pregnancy for having learned Aromatherapy and in this FREE online live one hour workshop, I am going to share with you 3 Simple Ways of Reducing Pregnancy-Related Discomfort with Essential Oils and get acquainted with 2 safe and gentle essential oils to support yourself and your baby throughout this period. Perfect for women planning pregnancy and expectant moms!

You probably already have an inkling by now how you tend to navigate towards healthier, more natural choices in your everyday life when you have a little baby inside you. I call this a superpower! Come join me live at 11am Singapore Time (GMC+8), Saturday, 2nd of March 2019 and we can discuss more!

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Kuan Nee is a an Aromatherapy Educator and an Advanced Aromatherapy Practitioner with the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy, USA.


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