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Empowerment From Nature

I love self-empowerment, which is why I do what I do today. Rumi said, “Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.” How powerful.

Fortunately for us, in our modern society today, we are empowered to do a lot of things now. From having a good education to earning a decent living to travelling the world, we have indeed come a long way since our parents’ younger days.

To some of us, the strength and courage to feel empowered to do the things we want in our lives, come easy. I am sure we have met a few of these, as we wave them off at the airport for their next adventure. To a lot of us, it takes countless sleepless nights of planning, self-talking and it almost always ends up in the book of Next Year’s Resolutions. Step onto the weighing scale in December and you know what I mean.

The first step is always the hardest and I have just the right essential oils suggestions that might help you through this. Never underestimate the power of Nature for it is in Nature that we find the strength inside us again.

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1. Frankincense

Just when you feel extremely confused of what you want in your life, look nowhere else for the answer but inside yourself. Amidst all the noise and distractions surrounding us all day, we forget to listen to ourselves. Frankincense quiets the mind, guide you to be introspective and go inwards. I find that quality particularly beautiful in Frankincense.

2. Vetiver

This is my favourite friend. Thoroughly grounding, supportive and protective. The perfect essential oil to lean on when you are looking for the assurance and strength to step out of your comfort zone. Let go of that fear. Step out you will, after diffusing this in your room. Please use only candle diffuser for Vetiver as it is too thick for an electric diffuser. I love soaking myself in Vetiver bath salts for a good 15-20 minutes.

3. Sweet Orange

Sometimes we want to take that step but the question is how? Sweet Orange is superb in moving stagnated energy and inspiring creativity which might just spark the answer to the question of how do I even begin?

If you have been having doubts and you see repeated same resolution being written down year after year, it’s time to get it going. Here’s what I’d do.

Keep yourself free every night for a week. First 2 nights, diffuse Frankincense in the room and meditate on what you want, truly. For the 3rd and 4th night, take a long bath with Vetiver bath salts. If bath is not available, diffuse Vetiver and yes, meditate and feel the strength and groundedness lent by Vetiver . Come 5th and 6th night, diffuse Sweet Orange with a little notebook in hand and pen down whatever thoughts that come into your mind.

There. It is time to fly and unfold your own myth.

*This article was orginally written for In The Loop.

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