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DIY Your Own Natural Candle

Is it just me or do I feel all the festive seasons  have been back to back? I thought this might come in handy for those of you who are celebrating Valentine’s Day.

A really long while ago, I guest blogged post about this and now I am editing it up here so you have a more robust explanation.

So first up, why make your own candle? Here are a few reasons:

  • Reduce toxic chemicals being released into air with beeswax
  • GCMS tested essential oils are therapeutic and great for our health
  • DIY gives you a sense of satisfaction and achievement AND most importantly you know what went in!
  • DIY also relaxes your mind
  • A great, meaningful gift
  • It’s EASY!

But vitally, it is really about reducing toxic chemicals in our homes when we make our own candles versus from buying outside which may highly likely be synthetically produced. Start this year with a clean and green home!

Anyhoots, here’s the what you will need and a quick step by step.

What you will need:

Candlelight holder


60g of Beeswax

15 drops of Patchouli, 10 drops of Siberian Fir and 10 drops of Lemongrass


From right to left, Pic 1 to Pic 5

Pic 1: Materials Prep. This is a candlelight holder by Stylo Deco, which I guest blogged in the last time. You can also get a more basic version of this in Ikea in the candle and lighting section.

Pic 2: Measure. You need to measure the amount of beeswax here. 60g is of reference to THIS candlelight holder. If you get other types like the Ikea ones, just fill the holder with beeswax pellets like in Pic 2 to about 75% of the holder. It would give you a good gauge of how much beeswax you need.

Pic 3: Melt. Use a double boiler or in my case, a pot filled with a little bit of water and the beeswax in a heat resistant jug inside the pot of water. Slow fire and continue stirring the beeswax.

Pic 4: Candlewick Prep. Usually candlewicks come with a base. Cut your wick to your desired length and place it in the holder. As seen in this picture, I use a pair of chopsticks to prop the candlewick so to maintain it at the centre. The base of the candlewick touches the base of the holder. You can get candlewicks here.

Pic 5: Pour the Oils. As seen here, I have measured out the oils in a separate tube.

Once the beeswax is completely melted, take it off the heat. Pour the prepared oils into the melted beeswax, give it a good stir. Pour the mixture into the prepared tealight holder with propped candlewick.

Let it sit till tomorrow.

ALL DONE! If this is your first time, major congratulations!

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