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DIY Travel Spray

Here’s one you can use for your upcoming travels since the long weekend is just around the corner!

I always talk about making sprays with essential oils; room sprays, linen sprays, pillow sprays, trash can sprays and do you know why? Because I like the versatility of these amazing sprays! Thanks to the amazing multitude of qualitities that essential oils possess.

You can choose to make only one bottle of anti bacterial/viral/fungal sprays and bring it along with you for travels. I do that all the time for I really don’t wnt to fall sick when I travel.

Spray generously on the bedsheets, pillows, sink/toilet area, use it to disinfect the room phone (wipe if off after spraying) and did I mention that the room smells absolutely wonderful as well?

Here’s one recipe for you:

Travel Spray60ml of distilled water5 copyNo fear of falling sick anymore while travelling!

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