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Digestive Aid Lotion

Our body is really smart and interesting. It tells you in many ways that it is unhappy – that’s if, you listen.

“Here, a headache for you to tell you I am overused!” screams the head.

“Overworked lady, why aren’t you resting even with the flu?” wonders your immune system.

And this time, I was ladened with an angry stomach. So angry that it was puffed up all the time! Like a little storm it created, the stomach pushing the acid to the throat to bring your awareness to its presence with a burning sensation. Its way of saying ‘listen to me’, really.

I was undoubtedly busy, socially and professionally, have been skipping my practice and breathing exercises I do at night. I was rewarded alright, with cramps, belching bloatedness and the dull burning sensation behind the throat throughout the night.

When I woke up the next morning, I quickly blended one Digestive Aid Lotion for myself. I rubbed the lotion on my stomach, abdomen, lower back and base of throat, and because it was so bad the night before, I took it with me for the rest of the day and applied every few hours.


And there is no turning back for me since. 🙂 Towards the end of the day, there was still slight cramps but I was relieved of all the other symptoms! It worked so well for me, I am so impressed with what essential oils can do for us in our lives! Truly!



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