Did your feet grow after yoga?

I have noticed my shoes getting tighter as of late. Wearing pumps while walking around proved to be a painful feat! Did I put on weight? Was it water retention?


Turns out it was just yoga after all!

“Broaden your feet from your big toe to your little toe!”

“Press on the ball of your feet!”

“Tadasana feet!”

Now a lot of people are terrified to hear this but it really is good news. One of it is providing balance and that indirectly translates to less falls. The next time you stand in your tree pose, be rest assured you are supported by your feet, the very foundation itself.

There is an article that is well written by Kevin Perry on this.

Be an oak tree and not a waving coconut tree! 😉

Does this happen to you too? Do let me know so I won’t feel so alone!

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