Aromatherapy Blends

Cough and Cold Relief Inhaler

This blend calms my coughs, clears up my nose for easier breathing and helps me quiet the mind. I admit, I have a habit of overextending myself and I find this blend so great for the nerves, mind, and lungs. The oils from the resin/gum of Opopanax, Elemi and Frankincense are perfect to quiet the mind down, allow one to look introspectively and an excellent support for our lungs and immune system. Opopanax has a drying quality to it, so if you have runny nose that could not stop, this is good for that. I have also included oils from leaves of Eucalyptus dives and Myrtle. They are both amazing at decongesting, calming down coughs and superb at eliminating virus and bacteria.

Here’s the blend:


If you cannot find Elemi and/or Opopanax, you can go ahead and use Frankincense at 6 drops. Here’s step by step on making your own inhaler.

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