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Gentle Acceptance

Gentle Acceptance Sometimes our emotions throughout the days are like a roller coaster ride. It gets high, it gets low, it gets stagnant. Frustration sets in, anger spikes throughout the day and I like to leave all this behind…

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Getting through the discomfort

Have you ever been in physical discomfort/pain? How did you manage/get through the discomfort or pain that time? If you are like anything like me really, I was having lots of thoughts coming through that go from gritting my…

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Essential Oils Are Like Wine

In fact it is just Nature. It is never the same. It changes and does this beautiful dance with everything else around it. That is why each batch of one essential oil is never completely the same, even though…

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Why The Inhaler?

I used to set up booths at events with my Aromasticks pre-blended (inhaler) and I am always amused by the responses I get. Maybe you might be one of them, if it sounds familiar to you. I know some…

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Is this a Magic Potion?

I recently had an interesting chat with my nephew. He had a backache that was remedied by my blend that I have made for my mom’s arthritic aches. “Grandma is very funny!” He told me, to which I enquired…

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5 Reasons to DIY Aromatherapy Blends

Love spending money buying aromatherapy products? Have you thought of blending on your own? There are many reasons but here are my top five. Yes! I blend most things for my home! 1. Customise according to need You want…