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Aromatherapy with 1gniter

It was a truly interesting day for me because this time, I get to spend a little bit more time observing their behaviours.

1gniter‘s founder, Ivy, has kindly asked me to come in to provide calming Personalized Aromasticks for the special needs kids.


There were a few touching observations I have made:

1. I must say, when the first kid came up and started opening up bottle caps to smell, I can feel that the general atmosphere of the class was really much calmer, less fidgety and less intense. This is not the first time I have seen this, but am still amazed at how powerful these essential oils are!

2. There was a kid that felt quite sick and was whining about it, he is usually a quiet kid the last I saw him so when I heard him whine, I thought he must be feeling quite bad. He was attracted to 5 essential oils, so unlike all the others with 1 or 2! Essential oils come up many therapeutic properties, so With his sickness in mind, I drew up a recipe for him. After he made his Aromastick, he inhaled it. I saw his face lighted up, whining was forgotten and was happy to know he stayed throughout the day!

3. The kids are quite drawn to Sweet Orange in general.

4. One kid tends to scream upon agitation, but that day he lasted through without any episodes. I’d like to think that the Aromastick helped him get along the day too!

I had tonnes of fun looking at them smelling the essential oils and seeing their reactions! Thank you 1gniter for the invite, the kids are truly sweet!

Because an the Aromastick if of such close proximity to you, it is really important you like the smell. You can personalize one here!

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