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5 Reasons You Should Stop Using Essential Oils

Essential oils are great, extremely effective to support our health but sometimes, if used incorrectly, may cause more harm than good. Here are 5 reasons why you should stop using essential oils when you put yourself at risk.

1. When quality is questionable

I am not talking about grades of essential oils here. Is it Certified Organic? Wild-Crafted? Unsprayed? All 3 are acceptable. Does the company you buy from provide you with batch-specific GCMS when you asked for it? Try asking today.

2. When undiluted usage of essential oil is the ONLY way you are applying to yourself

Or to your children for that matter! That’s scarier. Undiluted essential oil can be used in certain situations but it is not the only way to use essential oil.And the majority of essential oils are not to be used neat. Dilution, dilution, dilution. For safety and for economic reasons. Always remember, less is more in aromatherapy. Actually, in a lot of other areas in our lives too. 🙂

3. When you drink your essential oil

One drop of Lemon Essential Oil is made up of 40-70 Lemons. Now, do you think it is wise of you to take 40-70 Lemons at one go and worse still, daily? There are other ways to use essential oils to keep you and your family safe and healthy!

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4. When there are still gaps in your understanding of essential oils

A lot of us use essential oils to support our health, our MOST IMPORTANT asset! So then, don’t you think it is only prudent to learn and read up more when you are asked to use something to improve your health?

5. When you develop redness, headaches, allergic reactions etc.

Take a step back and listen to your body. Your body is trying to tell you that it is way too much.

Take a break from the essential oils when you are practising any one of the above and take time to re-assess and learn again. Your health is way too important to be gambled with unnecessarily.

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